“Surf Style” Oil on board “Surf Style” in progress – oil on board “Alpine series #1” -Oil on reversed glass 11/17/2015 Oil on glass Zentangle and travels with pen and ink. Needles Utah 11/1/15 “The Stranger” oil on reversed glass … Continue reading


Time to be productive. Summer means Mural season to compliment the studio sessions. My latest forray into the local fabric is volunteering for the Delavan Walldogs. I’ll be hosting an artist, and working on one of 18 murals in Delavan … Continue reading


I’m starting the new season with a three drawer dresser.  I painted a scow on all sides for my mom who was an avid inland lake racer. It has been a productive day and night with out pause. I look … Continue reading

Winter 2014/15

The Frosty Wisco temps proved a reasonable excuse for studio sessions. I focused on several oil on reversed glass windows. The unexpected twists and turns in slathering the medium onto the smooth glass takes on a life of its own. … Continue reading

The Williams Bay Tourist House

I am in the mix of going really big for a Geneva Lake mural at Mike and Laurie VanderBunt ‘ s vacation rental. The wall is adjacent the back yard on a neighbors garage.  The project is taking shape as … Continue reading

Summer projects 2014

I left New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment for the Lake Life in Wisconsin.  Summer 2014 will forever be the most memorable for all the blessings I received. A new mortgage free home thanks to the Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF) … Continue reading

Taos New Mexico

     Hello from Taos, the land of my birth. I have been living the last six months in a 300 square foot cabin in the mountain’s of New Mexico, ten miles north of Taos. The quaint valley is called San … Continue reading


Some times it feels really good to just go big. I went to the bare canvass hung directly on the wall to create this giant painting for an added jolt to the decor of my apartment. It was Julie’s idea … Continue reading

Wine glass paintings

Working in oil is always an adventure of color and temperament. My latest trek incorporates wine glasses and bright vibrant colors. I added a vase to the collection too and all is well in love and paint. Cheers!

Six Panel with Lapis Lazuli

Back to canvass and experimentation with texture. I grounded up my Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan into a fine powder. Then I composed a non objective design onto six canvasses. I used clear stand oil and saturated the work, and spread … Continue reading

Sail Panes

Sailing has been a part of my family for generations. I wanted to honor my mom and her sister with this ten panel window. It features the sail boat they used to race while growing up on Geneva Lake. I … Continue reading

VA Addition

A new home for the large canvas. The fine folks at the Milwaukee Veterans Hospital welcomed one of my canvasses to aid in healing through art as an addition to the group therapy room. I am honored to have my … Continue reading


Old ideas with new faces I wanted to warm up tonight with a guitar that had been sitting around awaiting a face lift. I’ll stop here and see where to go next.

Urban Laundry “Tosa!”

I had the pleasure of spending the day under blue skies painting on the side walks of Wauwatosa Wisconsin. The Urban Laundry boutique was my first attempt at capturing a store front in full sharpie style and backlit effects. It … Continue reading

Franz Marc style horses

This new Horse window was commissioned by Dave Grever for his daughter. Sadly Dave will be moving to Texas soon. The window is from his house here in Williams Bay. His daughter loves horses and seems pleased with the idea … Continue reading

Art School “Academy Minerva”

It’s 1996 again as I sift through old photographs of art school in Groningen Netherlands. It has beep a point of reflection realizing my favorite themes have not changed. Going back in time gives us a chance to take stock … Continue reading

Special Delivery

The Baker House on glass was an experiment using glue and a silver sharpie to look like stained glass. I delivered the piece today to the surprise of the staff dressed in 1920’s fashion. If any one is in the … Continue reading

“Octagon” window

My latest commission: This is an eight sided window from a prominent Williams Bay boat house. No better way to keep the magic alive that turn into art. Double Paine octowindow was a challenge. Just adding color didn’t match up … Continue reading

Modi 3

Modi 3 is my first attempt at morphing figures together on glass. Quick brushwork was required, and the paint became thick and uncontrollable in the end. To no avail, the paint spark returned and everything fell into place. This image … Continue reading

New Non Objective

Going big today with a 3×5 foot canvass. I wanted to paint a non objective and see where the night would take me. I wound up with broad strokes and organic lines. I am pleased with the results and I … Continue reading

Window horses

Hello Art fans, A new day brings a new commission. I was asked to paint horses on one of my last antique windows in stock. So I went to one of my favorite artists Franz Marc from a small town … Continue reading

Non objective

I paint in a non objective style as a way to loosen up. Non objective refers to a creation of an image with out an intentional subject. I let the colors and composition flow until I reach a stopping point. … Continue reading

Painted Wood Sculpture

This is an eagle mask I carved from an alder tree at the University of Alaska Southeast in 1993. For 19 years It has sat on a shelf staring back at me. 9/11/12 marks the day to To paint in … Continue reading

The Baker House

My latest project is a continuation of famous landmarks on the shores of Geneva Lake on antique windows. The Baker House in The city of Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Happy Monday painting, I spent the afternoon working with a color scheme … Continue reading

Alive Day

I have tried to live deliberately, taking on the world with a keen sense of discovery. The creative side yearns to see beauty in all things living, and as the radius of my world view expands I do find beauty … Continue reading

Working Small

Working Small is part of the Artful Army Veteran painting group sponsored by the Dry Hootch coffee house in Milwaukee and Facilitated by Air force vet Vera Roddy. SpeakPeace Milwaukee The six by six inch canvasses were part of the … Continue reading

For sale

Hello folks! The paintings on antique windows have been a huge success. My latest work is of the former Williams Bay Train Station which closed in 1967. As of now all work has been sold. I would like to thank … Continue reading

Rough Sketch

My summer theme is Geneva Lake Landmarks on old windows. I have had great success selling all pieces through the Studio Gallery in the village of Williams Bay.