Window horses

Hello Art fans,
A new day brings a new commission. I was asked to paint horses on one of my last antique windows in stock. So I went to one of my favorite artists Franz Marc from a small town near Munich. He was the founder of the German expressionists movement known as the Blue Rider. (Der Blau Reiter) Marc was killed in the battle of Verdun in WWI. Sad to think the great artists of the time were on opposite sides shooting at each other.
Marc was known for painting animals in their natural setting. I wanted to paint something bold with large areas of pure color. Minimal Sharpie, maximum paint. I hope you like the piece as well as Carlo and Ingrid Krause the German couple who commissioned the painting as an addition to their horse farm in Middleton Wisconsin.


“Pferde und Fenster”
Bis Spater!

Look for the one photo from the painted side of the window:



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