Fall 2018

I was honored to be apart of such a prestigious Event.

The unveiling ceremony at Aurora University. November 12, 2018.

VA news article about the Korean conflict painting:


Summer 2018

More wood burning from Williams Bay, WI. My latest pyrography is for my mother, I’m doing lake theme images on her wooden TV tables.


New Painting in progress:

I’m back in my original studio in Williams Bay. Hello from the basement!

I received a Commission from the Aurora University Veterans Association to paint a 6′ by 4′ canvass for Veterans Day. It will represent the Korean War conflict. I’m partially done and everything seems to be going well. Join in as I work on my largest military inspired piece.

I completed the piece one hour into my Alive Day. I was wounded on September 7th 2005.

One final inspection by Mazy D!, before the send off and delivery to AUVA.

Painting with ground Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan. I used material from one combat zone for the image of another. While I was deployed I collected several pounds of Lapis Lazuli. I ground the unpolished rocks into a powder. It was therapeutic, and I’ve been making paint from the fine blue dust ever since.

Spring 2018

Zentangle blog:

Check out my little blurb on the Zentangle blog site:


Below is my most recent tangle

Here’s a new wood burned sail boat for my mom on mother’s day.

Starting with a few tidbits of crafty stuff and a smathering of paintings.


I tried another wood burning piece. It’s of my nephew’s dog Hazel, she passed away last year. I made it for his highschool graduation gift.

Winter 2017/2018


– wood burner on table

Fall 2017


We are plotting an American veteran adventure! We are well on our way tangling every state for the group entry into the 2018 Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

I started with the states I love the most: (Utah, New Mexico, Alaska), and currently as of Oct. 4th, I’m working on Arizona. Next will be Colorado and lastly Wyoming to complete the intermountain West.

Stephen Bradshaw Blue started the project with me and has been a tenacious tangler. He started in Georgia and has been working on the southern states.

Other vets include Bill starting on Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Stay tuned as the states stack up for a fun filled project.

The map as of 10/13/2017

More vet tanglers in action!

Dryhootch Zentangle session.

Dryhootch Zentangle class

11/08/2017 the map is nearing completion. We are waiting for a few more vets to turn in their states. Mounting the states onto the chalkboard will be the last step of our journey.
Map 11/16/2017

U.S. territories are included.

One state away 11/29/2017


Idaho was the last state completed. Now it is truly a United States.

We are framed as of 1/10/2018

Framed and epoxy finish. Today we installed the hanging chain and are ready for the competition.

We Won!!!

Post Map Tangle

Winter 2017

Here’s a small collection of my recent work.

My display at the Elkhorn art show with mom.

-oil on reversed glass

-oil on reversed glass

Quick Sketch- oil on reversed glass

Winter Tree

-oil on reversed glass

Summer 2016


More lake scenes for sale at the Studio Gallery.
-Oil on reversed glass