Painted Wood Sculpture

This is an eagle mask I carved from an alder tree at the University of Alaska Southeast in 1993. For 19 years It has sat on a shelf staring back at me. 9/11/12 marks the day to To paint in support of:

(@quapet @MKEfoodies @arcwjr Board & @aidswalkwis at the #MKEfoodies event @ #JoeyGerards on 9/19!)

In exchange for a Web Page.








2 thoughts on “Painted Wood Sculpture

  1. A powerful and beautiful mask for a powerful cause. I have just found your blog, and look forward to seeing more of your art. The micro imaging sounds amazing, both as something to be doing and as an artistic product to be observed. Do you have any examples of this work? I love the idea of spending days absorbed in the space above the eyes of a fly… I know, wrong blog entry for this part of my comment — just getting the hang of this blogging thing.

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