Fall 2017


We are plotting an American veteran adventure! We are well on our way tangling every state for the group entry into the 2018 Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

I started with the states I love the most: (Utah, New Mexico, Alaska), and currently as of Oct. 4th, I’m working on Arizona. Next will be Colorado and lastly Wyoming to complete the intermountain West.

Stephen Bradshaw Blue started the project with me and has been a tenacious tangler. He started in Georgia and has been working on the southern states.

Other vets include Bill starting on Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Stay tuned as the states stack up for a fun filled project.

The map as of 10/13/2017

More vet tanglers in action!

Dryhootch Zentangle session.

Dryhootch Zentangle class

11/08/2017 the map is nearing completion. We are waiting for a few more vets to turn in their states. Mounting the states onto the chalkboard will be the last step of our journey.
Map 11/16/2017

U.S. territories are included.

One state away 11/29/2017


Idaho was the last state completed. Now it is truly a United States.

We are framed as of 1/10/2018

Framed and epoxy finish. Today we installed the hanging chain and are ready for the competition.

We Won!!!

Post Map Tangle

2 thoughts on “Fall 2017

    • Hi Sonny,
      I hope all is well down South. All my best to you and Peggy.
      I have been teaching the Zentangle method to vets at the VA in Milwaukee for the past year and a half. We are in the process of a U.S. map project where myself and other vets are tangling each individual state and then combining them as a group entry into the Veterans Creative Art competition. I will be posting our progress leading up to the show starting in February of 2018. If we win in Milwaukee then we are entered into the national show.
      Thanks for your inquiry and I look forward to hearing about your next adventure. It was nice seeing you in Beaver Dam.
      Take care,
      Mark Duran

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