Modi 3

Modi 3 is my first attempt at morphing figures together on glass. Quick brushwork was required, and the paint became thick and uncontrollable in the end. To no avail, the paint spark returned and everything fell into place.
This image was conceived from two works by Modiglianni.



After days of thought and an old Sharpie dying out, I changed the painting into a reflection of our troops fighting against martyrs willing to die for a promised 72 virgins.



5 thoughts on “Modi 3

  1. I especially liked it with the soldier added. Aside from it not being in the Koran, I have this question (from the warped side of my mind): really, now, virgins? Wouldn’t it be more fun with people who had some experience? And why do they all assume those virgins are going to be female?

  2. Cme back here to look at it before you added the large soldier/death’s head; and I agree with myself and the comment I made on the Happy Halloween post. I liked it with the small soldier added, but the death’s head made an even stronger visual image and a stronger statement. I love watching the process… and am really impressed with your work. Wish I could afford to collect! Would you mind if I printed out a copy just for my own wall? I really like it. (trying to look endearing and …what? winsome? think kittens with big eyes saying please? lol.)

    • Your posts are a source of encouragement and pleasure. Please share with your friends and colleagues. I am excited to hear your interpretations and agree with the way an image can be completely transformed by adding a gesture or two. As in life, a lot can be said with very few words. Be safe and peace be with your spirit.

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