Modi 3

Modi 3 is my first attempt at morphing figures together on glass. Quick brushwork was required, and the paint became thick and uncontrollable in the end. To no avail, the paint spark returned and everything fell into place.
This image was conceived from two works by Modiglianni.



After days of thought and an old Sharpie dying out, I changed the painting into a reflection of our troops fighting against martyrs willing to die for a promised 72 virgins.



Window horses

Hello Art fans,
A new day brings a new commission. I was asked to paint horses on one of my last antique windows in stock. So I went to one of my favorite artists Franz Marc from a small town near Munich. He was the founder of the German expressionists movement known as the Blue Rider. (Der Blau Reiter) Marc was killed in the battle of Verdun in WWI. Sad to think the great artists of the time were on opposite sides shooting at each other.
Marc was known for painting animals in their natural setting. I wanted to paint something bold with large areas of pure color. Minimal Sharpie, maximum paint. I hope you like the piece as well as Carlo and Ingrid Krause the German couple who commissioned the painting as an addition to their horse farm in Middleton Wisconsin.


“Pferde und Fenster”
Bis Spater!

Look for the one photo from the painted side of the window:



The Baker House

My latest project is a continuation of famous landmarks on the shores of Geneva Lake on antique windows. The Baker House in The city of Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Happy Monday painting,

I spent the afternoon working with a color scheme for the Baker House with some success. See below as the window fills with background and substance in the wings. The sky blossomed as quick brushwork in ultra marine blue and titanium white danced across the roof line. Violette overcoat was added after for fill in. The sky is complimentary to the yellow and bright orange accents on the home and foliage. The sharpie held strong and is the grid work of support. I like the contrast of heavy black lines and subtle color peaking through. The Baker House is a culmination of all the famous icons of Geneva Lake I painted on glass this summer. I hope you enjoy the progression.

The Baker House


NW Military Academy

We are starting a new Window!












For sale


Hello folks! The paintings on antique windows have been a huge success. My latest work is of the former Williams Bay Train Station which closed in 1967. As of now all work has been sold. I would like to thank the fine people of Williams Bay as well as Don, the owner of The Studio. I am currently taking commissions and will continue to paint scenes from the beautiful Geneva Lake.



Stayed up all night to get here!

Rough Sketch

My summer theme is Geneva Lake Landmarks on old windows. I have had great success selling all pieces through the Studio Gallery in the village of Williams Bay.